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Real Estate Closing Costs

Would you like to save money on the closing costs of your real estate purchase?

saving money on real estate closing costs

Real estate closing costs run into the thousands of dollars, but you can save a substantial amount of money when selling or buying a home by hiring a real estate lawyer to represent you during the purchase process and at the closing.

Protect your investment

By hiring a real estate attorney from Hoff, Claringbole & Quigley, LLP, you will also ensure that your investment is protected.

A title to a home is researched to ensure that there is no cloud on the property's title, such as an outstanding financial obligation against the title.

If there are any issues that arise during the inspection, for example, a lawyer can advise you how to handle it.

Property can have covenants, easements, liens or other encumbrances against it that impede or prevent your use of the property. Your lawyer will research for any such encumbrances registered against the property, and help you determine how they can be removed. Your attorney will also help you acquire title insurance to protect your property's title in the future against any defects that may not have been known or found prior to your purchase.

Your real estate lawyer will help you understand the purchase contract for your property, and how you will take title and possession of it. The lawyer can also negotiate any changes you may need as to the date or other obligations involved in taking possession.

Mortgages include several terms that bind you to rates, points and other obligations. Your real estate lawyer can clarify those terms to you and, if necessary, work with your mortgage company or bank to modify the terms.

When you close on a home, you will be required to sign several obligating legal documents. Your real estate attorney will review those documents to ensure that they are in good order.

At the closing, property taxes and utilities will need to be adjusted for the closing date. Your real estate lawyer will verify that the calculations are accurate. As well, there may be reasons why you want special assessments handled in a particular manner, or money set aside to fix something found during the inspection. Your real estate lawyer will ensure that such funds are handled properly to protect you and your investment.

Finally, after the closing, your real estate attorney will ensure that your ownership is properly registered.

Remember, real estate agents are never paid unless a home sells, and they are paid more if it sells for more money.

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